This course is specifically designed for postgraduate students in the field of Dentistry pursuing either a MSc. (Dent) or M.Dent degree. The course is based on the concept of distance-learning with intense residential teaching/discussion modules. The residential periods will include lectures, tutorial discussions and the examination of morphological anatomy prosections. This course will also provide independent study modules for candidates who wish to write examinations for various levels of postgraduate qualification in addition to M.Sc.Dent and M.Dent, such as the University Diploma in Clinical Dentistry and/or the appropriate Primary Examination of the College of Medicine. The modules have been “time” coordinated with the Physiology and Pathology modules. The theme of this course is both clinical and academic. The course will focus on the human embryonic development of the craniofacial region, the morphological anatomy of the head and neck regions, the nervous system and the histology of the dental tissues.